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Meditation Class

Team and Player


Game Changing Difference 


What do Barry Zito, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Stephen Curry, and Derek Jeter have in common other than being world class, top of their game athletes? They ALL swear by the power of meditation and it's the direct impact on not only their performance but overall lives.  What separates the good from THE BEST is most often the mental practice that has been cultivated.  When the clock is running down or it is the bottom of 9th what will literally change the game for you and your team is training that has occurred not in the gym or on the field but within the mind. The greatest coaches and teams know this is the secret to success. 

As a lifelong athlete and competitor, I know first hand the impact and power of these practices. By using a combination of guided visualizations, personalized meditations, and the foundations of Neuroscience I look forward to helping you and your team achieve unparalleled greatness in both the game and in life.  

Life Coaching

Integrative Life 





You are likely here because you have tried to manage your health, anxiety,  weight or 

 general wellness yourself without sustainable success.

This isn't your fault, it is in fact the experience most people have when trying to create new healthy habits or break old unhealthy ones. 

With my foundation in Neuroscience I have developed an integrative and comprehensive approach to healing and transformation.

When you try to make habit shifts or changes in isolation they fail. Without a comprehensive and holistic (complete) plan change will not last.
By nurturing each aspect of the Mind, Body and Soul approach I have created you will continue to see lasting and impactful changes long after we work together. 

You will leave our work together with absolute clarity, unwavering strength and deep self love. The habits and lifestyle we will create together will support you in all that you do.  

Because of my commitment, dedication and guarantee for success,  you must first apply and be accepted to this program before you are able to schedule

Meditation retreat, meditation class

Business and Professional Meditation

Increased Productivity, Decreased Stress, Enhanced Focus  



The most successful businesses and professionals in the world not only recognize but promote, endorse and practice mindfulness and meditation. From Steve Jobs to Russell Simmons, cultivating a daily meditation practice has been cited as the number one difference maker on the path to sustained success. The place researchers are now defining as being in "The Flow" is the place where all great discoveries and Eureka moments occur. Tapping into this power and source is truly the difference maker. If you want the very best from your team you must provide them with the tools that allow their individual gifts to flourish. Meditation and mindfulness will undeniably alter the course of your company and your life. 

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