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The Wisdom Within

When you tune into the inherent wisdom that your body contains you are welcoming a vast resource of truth and direction into your life. Answers to questions your mind has been mulling over arrive in straightforward ways. The body does not lie, nor will it conceal something to appease the ego. The body speaks in clear declarative statements. It calls you to act and honor your truth, voice, and soul. The cost of ignoring these calls is real and will always be felt or manifested in physical symptoms. In the past when I ignored the whispers of my body to slow down I almost always ended up injured and was forced into rest. If I am not speaking my truth or stifling my voice, the result is a sore throat. Our natural state is one of health and wellbeing; the body has infinite wisdom to heal if we honor and listen. The challenge for many is that they are so disconnected from this sacred container they don't even recognize the ways the body communicates. Whenever I am making a decision, I run it through my body as a litmus test. I sit quietly and ask the question to whatever I am seeking. After I ask, I simply sit and feel for what arises. This practice takes times especially if you have been neglecting your body or are out of touch with the feelings within.

The place that I always turn is to my heart space. Regardless of the question, the feeling is the same. It could be something as simple as, "Should I attend the event tonight?" or as complex as, "Is this relationship the right one for me at this time?" I have learned that for me, a feeling of constriction in my chest or angst is a loud and clear NO!!! I have tried to push through this feeling many times in the past, and the result is always me wishing I had listened to my instincts. When something, anything, is in right alignment with you and where you are in life the feeling is expansive and warm. It takes time and a little practice to tune in to the ways your body communicates, but I promise you this is a radar detector you need to hone!

Next time you are making a decision, get out of the analytical process the mind enjoys and instead go within your beautiful body for answers.

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