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Relationships are a source of love, strength, support, and guidance. They can also be the source of much discontent and frustration. I am not speaking solely of the romantic relationship but the friendship and familial ones as well.

Throughout life, we grow and inevitably change. Often we find the relationships that were once seemingly healthy and in alignment with our truth no longer feel right. There is usually that subtle feeling within the heart or stomach when something is no longer working. If you are aware of these internal guideposts, you can circumvent a blow-up or fight that leaves everyone feeling hurt and raw. Often we have put so much time, love and energy into building these relationships that walking away and closing the door seems impossible. What happens when we continue to fight for something that is no longer nourishing is a tarnishing of the love and beauty they once held. What would happen if we were always able to honor the truth within our selves? Is it possible to lovingly say goodbye to someone who is no longer a good fit within our lives? To honor, appreciate and forever hold the moments of connection and union as sacred gifts and to also have the deep love of ourselves to know when the end has come. The loss is incredibly painful; I know this all too well.

I have found, there is a way to let go and also cherish the gifts and lessons of relationship. It is not without discomfort but certainly imperative to each person's growth. If my heart (not my mind or ego!!) responds with a resounding "YES" to a question I ask I know it's right. If there are 5 qualifiers or even 1, it's a NO. As you continue to decipher the way your soul communicates these questions become clearer and clearer and the answers seem to surface before you have even asked the question. There is no greater Oracle than the voice it always.

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