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Soul Connection

"The Soul selects her own Society - Then - shuts the Door"

Emily Dickinson

The deeper I go into the sacred space of my heart and consciously tune into the gentle nudges of spirit, the more I see that every aspect of life hums with signs and synchronicities. When the voice I follow is no longer the "little me self," ego, or fear but the whisper of my soul, magic abounds in everything. Coincidence is divinity in action and deja vu the remembrance.

There are people in life that upon meeting there is an ancient intangible recognition of their light. The, "I KNOW YOU" feeling...I see you in your essence. There is an immediate ease, a seamless transition from pleasantries to the sharing of your greatest fears and deepest desires. The friend you immediately curl up and talk for hours with until the sun threatens to rise on your moonlit remembrance. A kiss that feels as if you are if you never left. This is sacred union, it is the re-union of two souls who have danced this dance before. The beautiful containers were different as were the circumstances, but the Soul remembers. Regardless of duration, they are deeply recharging and the most delicious nourishment for your entire being. They crack open your heart to possibility; they allow you to skinny dip in the refreshing waters of universal truth and love. It is a recollection that defies time and space, the spectacular reminder that we are all more deeply connected than our human minds will ever fully comprehend.

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