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Know Your Divine Worth

What would happen if every little girl embraced the beautiful, multifaceted aspects of herself as holy? What if the old paradigms for feminity were entirely erased and women were truly able to step into the power we have always had. What if we were the ones to do the erasing, for ourselves and each other?

My call has always been to the beauty, strength, and divinity of women. The very first books I purchased with babysitting and waitressing money were texts of the divine feminine. As a little girl, I longed to hear the voices of women in antiquity. My soul needed to hear the story of the warrior goddess Athena, the journey beneath the Mesopotamia deity Inanna undertook, the Dark Mother Kali Ma, the sensuality of Aphrodite and the Gospel of Mary of Magdala. My soul yearned for the stories of women who embodied every aspect of humanity, not just the quiet, cute, passive little girl. That model of subservience has never worked for me; my family can attest to the fire that even as a very young girl I felt within. A fire that threatened to bubble over just as the Hawaiian goddess Pele churns deep beneath Kīlauea, it is primal and fierce. These are the glowing embers I see so clearly within my six-year-old daughter who KNOWS her strength and will not allow anything to stand in the way when something rings true. This power when directed and understood will be what forever changes the world. The union of opposites will bring about balance; we are long overdue for this kind of integration. This is what was known as The Hieros Gamos in ancient Greece. Ritual union or sacred marriage. This is the union that must occur within each of us. The reuniting of the dark and light, the masculine and feminine, the human and the divine.

Throughout my life, I have been acutely aware of the expectations of my sex. I chose the word sex because I am using it in its many meanings and with the constitutional implications of both. Both the gender aspect and the sexual power. I was asked by a man recently how I could contain so many opposites? My "opposites" are in fact, the model for women I so deeply yearn to see. The woman who owns it all, every aspect of their sacred being. I am intelligent and sexual, driven in business and also an amazing mum, fiery and passionate and yet fluid and water like. This is what it means for me to be truly embodied as a woman. I own EVERY aspect of my being, and the paradoxes are not incongruencies they are the puzzle pieces of my being whole. I do not have to choose between my feminity and strength; I honor both.

I will always remember the words of one of my soul sisters. We had gathered at my house which had become our She shed, our Red Tent. The place we cried, laughed and dove deep into our truth. We broke dark chocolate together under the stars and held each other with love. She put both hands on my shoulder and said, "You are enough!" Those words reverberated so deeply within my being. I felt the power, love, and honor of being seen by my sister. I want women to know before all else that THEY are enough, not because of what they do but because they exist. Love is not earned, it is not based on our accomplishments or anything outside of ourselves. Love is a birthright; it is who we are in essence. There is nothing that anyone can say or do that changes the holiness or love you contain within. And thus it can not ever be taken from you. I want women to protect this love and dismiss anyone or anything that does not honor, cherish and worship it. Those you choose to share your self with must prove they are worthy of such a precious treasure. Do not give away this sacred energy until you know with certainty it will be valued and appreciated for the love and divinity that it is.

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