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That which you place your energy on will surely grow. I have found that focused intention is one of the most important habits to cultivate for personal growth and the manifestation of dreams.

The alchemical magic of thought into action or the creation of a vision held deep within is a uniquely human phenomenon. We as sentient beings have the power of conscious thought and directed intention. IF we choose to understand and then guide this powerful energy within, we begin to live the life of our creation rather than exist as a result of external impact and circumstances.

We have a multitude of choices within each moment. We choose the tenor of our social interactions with our verbal and nonverbal cues but more importantly with the feeling or intention behind those cues. Understanding our intentions asks us to go through an honest self-appraisal and to look at the way our ego can take the lead if we allow. The ego is an important aspect of self and one that needs to be understood, thanked and kept in right relation to the driving force of our Soul.

With age and experience comes the ability to press pause at any moment to ensure the next move is in alignment with our unique truths and vision of the future. We can manage the ego's often impetuous needs and desires in recognition of the bigger picture.

When we are connected to our truth and consciously set an intention for an experience or interaction, we are honoring not only ourselves but the power we have to create or delimit. I know that when my intentions are grounded in love, truth, and kindness, it's impossible to go wrong. We often try to quantify the risks, arm ourselves by denying our vulnerability and control the outcome because the unknown can be daunting. That is an outdated model based on fear, and the subsequent result is the stifling of growth and perpetuation of unhealthy patterns. The alternative action is to lean into the unknown. Not blindly or naively but with the security of an unshakable foundation built on honest self-inquiry, subsequent truth and the power of focused intention.

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