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This has been a time of total surrender for me. I can surrender the control I once grasped for knowing that life is unfolding exactly how it should. My surrender isn't resignation or blind faith it is the surrender of knowing. Knowing that every aspect of my life is being nurtured by profound self-love, trust, and momentum created from answering my soul's call. I can surrender to timing knowing that what my ego may want immediately my soul knows will come. I surrender to the magic that is the flow of life. This exquisite dance that is fluid and ever changing. I look once again to the earth for symbology and metaphor. My roots are those of an ancient Oak. Buried deep within the earth, as sure and steady as can be. My branches are willowy and malleable. They sway, flex and bend with the winds of change. When everything is changing around you, and the only constant is the change how do you find your strength? You become the hybrid tree. You root deeply in the foundation that has taken lifetimes to create, and you open your branches to enjoy the feeling of the winds passing through. If you were to recalibrate your entire being on the new set of circumstances each day, you would be left chasing a security that can never be caught. Embrace the new, embrace the changes, embrace the journey, for it will surely be different tomorrow.

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