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I am deeply committed to the path of light and to honor my divinity as I move through this round of life lessons in my human form; knowing that the purest essence of myself the purest essence of everything is divine love or source. Even with this deep, unshakable knowledge and recognition, there are challenges. Having human moments can at times feel like a betrayal of truth or that I have veered off course. I have said a few times recently that "human-ing" ( a verb of my construction) can feel arduous to me.

I've been reflecting on a few questions in an attempt to internally clarify:

How do you allow for human moments of frustration, fatigue, or just as important lust and desire without judgment or guilt?

With the acknowledgment of our current incarnation, how do we lean into the task of being a human?

How do we allow for pleasure to overtake our human form and thoroughly enjoy the moments of being embodied?

Merging the seemingly juxtaposed sides of these spheres is imperative for the balance within.

We have not transcended the physical plane, nor are we on the mountain top deep within meditation.

To reconcile these aspects, we allow sensations to permeate; we allow ourselves the space to dive deeply into the body. The notion that the body is something to be contained, restricted or purified is not only dangerous and archaic but a complete betrayal of our divine essence. You must enter into these human moments with transparency, vulnerability, and heart centered intention. You allow for the feelings to arise that will inevitably be mixed with past conditioning and infused with prior experiences. You forgive the perfectly imperfect aspects of yourself knowing that each one is a moment to learn to grow. You allow for the feelings to surface and recognize the ones you would like to build upon and those that need to be let go, as they no longer serve your growth. I have learned that for me to do this work that truly asks everything of me I must honor and enjoy my humanness along the way. There are a few ways I have discovered that will always bring me back to the sacred space of my heart within this incredible body. They are simple things I do daily to honor my body and allow my soul to shine brightly from behind my eyes.

Movement: Music and dance have always had the ability to merge the sacred and the human within me. Although I didn't realize it when I was in my 20's the electric energy of an incredible show or dancing for hours on end was a primal remembrance. The beat of the drum is a heartbeat that cannot be forgotten. Although the venues are quite different these days, the essence is the same. I dance every day, often with my tiny humans dancing beside me, letting the power of music and movement take over.

Exercise: Be it yoga, trail rides or a spin class, creating dedicated space every day to sweat and feel the remarkable grace our bodies innately contain is a requirement.

Connection to nature: I need to feel the earth beneath my feet. I need to feel the sunshine warm my skin and breeze move through my hair. Every time I connect to nature I am reminded just how very minute I am in this vast universe and how effortlessly nature flows without permission or condition.

Forgiveness: The biggest piece for me in honoring my humanity is forgiveness. The ability to forgive myself when I don't respond to a challenge in the heart centered way I wish or when I feel guilty for not doing more or less of something. I forgive, and I embrace these aspects of myself knowing that as long as I am inquiring within, truly learning from what arises and continuing on the path all is well. We give so much love to so many people and often forget to shine that incredible healing light on ourselves. Remind yourself at this moment just how incredible you are for showing up, for being fully human and for being fully divine.

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