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Life Curation

We all live very full, often busy lives, juggling what feels to be a hundred balls at once. As an Indie mum, business owner, volunteer, daughter, and friend I have felt pulled in a million directions. Going into the new season of Fall, my focus has been balancing all that is in my life. Balance doesn't mean everything is going to be equal or that I am not going to fall short occasionally. Balance means that I have built a foundation that enables all aspects of my life to thrive and grow.

The biggest piece to all of this is curation. Curating your life much like curating a closet or an art wall takes a little practice, honoring your heart, and the ability to say NO. It requires you to be painfully honest about what works and what no longer fits. I have curated my life down to the pieces that are deeply meaningful to me. Walking away or pressing pause on relationships that are no longer balanced or reciprocal, saying no to yet another opportunity to volunteer isn't being selfish. It is in fact quite the opposite. Instead of the old model where we spread ourselves so very thin to maintain everything we agreed to or every person who is in our social sphere we can focus on the aspects of our lives that we have carefully chosen. We give ourselves permission to do less and have more. There is more time to breathe into meditation, longer to simply sit with your munchkins at the end of the day, volunteering opportunities that you are deeply committed to or a cup of teas with a soul friend. Build in space to enjoy the aspects of your life that light you up, that bring you happiness and fulfillment without the guilt that you "should" be doing something else. The incredible fringe benefit of honest curation is that you create space for the unknown. You create a physical and energetic place for the possibility. You create space for people and experiences that you never imagined, and yet here they leave room for the synchronistic magic to unfold because you not only have space in your heart but you have made space in your life. Leave room for magical possibility as it can only arrive when you have let go of that which no longer fits. Leave room to be amazed, to have your wildest dreams become your living reality. Make room for the universe to work its magic by doing your part and creating space within.

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