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The Trifecta of Healing....

As I was shooting yesterday I stopped to take this picture because it stirred something in me I have been reconciling for a VERY . LONG . TIME!!

This is why I work with the trifecta of BODY . MIND . and SOUL! Woman have been separated and (have done the separating) of themselves and each other. Viewing their bodies as something separate, something that needs to be altered, shrunken, fixed in some way. That their worth and value are somehow wrapped up in the way they fit into the social model of beauty and body image.

In order to heal and move forward in a conscious and evolved way, we must claim each one of these pieces! My body is not separate from my mind, or my soul. My body is the incredibly sacred container that allows me to be on this journey. I am not my body, nor my mind nor my soul in isolation I am this incredible combination of the three, the trinity, the trifecta.

I would be lying if I said I had completely healed these wounds or that this work around body love was complete. I am not sure it ever will be. I can say however that I am aware of the ways in which I need to send more love to certain places.

I caught myself telling one of my soul sisters the other day that I was just throwing on a coat nail polish because my feet were a disaster. As the words left my lips I stopped in shock. How could I say such a thing to my feet that carry me, steadfast and sure!! They have taken me around the world and back again. They are incredible, beautiful and deeply undervalued. Yes, I ended up having a total foot love fest after this but it shook me.

How often throughout your day are you speaking or thinking about what you wish your body was or wasn't, what you "need" to change, what you "hate"?!? If you are like most people, it is far more than you would like to admit.

My challenge to you: Begin to notice the way you speak about or to your body. Notice the moments you go to dissect, criticize or critique. In those moments can you flip the narrative and turn it into an opportunity to say thank you, I LOVE YOU! Thank your feet and legs for carrying you on such a magnificent journey, your stomach for birthing children and/or ideas, your breasts, hands, eyes....thank your precious container for all that is does every moment of every day!!! Your cells absorb these thoughts, these words and they will manifest what they absorb. Make sure it's love you are feeding them!!!!

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