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Falling into fall?

It is officially Fall here in New England and that means a whole host of cozy and nourishing additions to our daily lives. While many lament the end of the summer as the death of freedom and carefree days if you are in synch with the earth and her natural rhythms you can effortlessly transition into these cooler months. I find that struggle arises when we try to swim upstream rather than use the momentum of the current to guide our lives. Take a look outside to see what is occurring naturally and you will find a simple playbook for you and your life at this time. Fall is a spectacular time to begin the evaluation of the year gone by and what you are ready to let go of (eh hem leaves) and what you are ready to use to help your roots deepen, strengthen and sturdy for the coming winter months. All things have their season and timing and it's our job to recognize when something has come to its end. Let go of the leaves as they turn and know there will be more next year. Enjoy the changing kaleidoscope of colors to come and watch as the trees effortlessly let go and allow for the next.

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