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Soul Work

We each have unique experiences both wonderful and challenging that help guide our focus and path. Interestingly, some of the most difficult and heartbreaking often end up being the catalyst for immense change both internally and throughout our lives. I am often asked what led me to this work, my soul work. The answer is simple, having experienced so much loss, struggle and challenge within my own life I dedicated my studies and life to helping and supporting other women on their journey. We are not fractured beings of just body, just mind or just spirit. We are incredibly complicated, beautiful and powerful creatures that contain all three aspects and such need to nurture and care for each. There is no prescription for wellness and health but there are quite a lot of tools that when used intentionally have significant and measurable results. It is not only my Souls' calling but an incredible privilege to support, encourage and guide women in their own reclamation of truth, autonomy, and wellness. I will continue to learn, grow and dedicate myself to being of service to women in this world in every way that I can.

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