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Have you had enough?

There comes a time in each person's life where the way they live is no longer bringing them closer to the life they envision. Old habits and patterns keeping you stuck with the same results, and it's time to grow. Growth is often uncomfortable, and at the first sign of discomfort, people turn away. The trick of sustained growth and change is learning to be comfortable with the discomfort that growth requires. Soon you will begin to enjoy the growing pains as you recognize them as indicators that you are moving closer to your truth and into a life that is deep down, you know you are ready to live. Much like exercise and strength training, the muscles break down to rebuild. The process hurts, but you begin to look forward to being sore because you know what it are changing. As with any new habit, the first steps can be the most challenging. To create the space for the new, some of the old and unhealthy needs to die. Just as summer must die for fall to be born, your old self must also die for the best version of you to emerge.

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