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Ask and you shall receive...

In recent years "Law of Attraction" has become the catchphrase for people who are hoping that by thought alone they can manifest a Lambrogini, six-figure salary, and the partner of their dreams...tomorrow. The hopefulness and naivety of this way of thinking are sweet but not entirely supported by the effort most are willing to put in. I'm not talking nose to the grindstone grueling effort of prior generations but focused discipline and daily actionable steps towards goals. After all the old axiom applies, nothing changes if nothing changes. To create change in one's life takes effort, it takes the decision to step forward and make things happen. One foot in front of the other. The combination of these steps is what in aggregate creates life-changing habits and the internal discipline to create the life, business, and relationships you are trying to manifest. There is a reason that the majority of the people who win the lottery lose it as quickly as it arrived. It takes time to change, create, and build the life you envision. More than the time it takes effort, daily effort, and discipline to do things in a different way. If you are ready for the partner who is your equal, the career that provides financial abundance, the spiritual practice that supports a healthy existence then you must begin the journey. Beyond hope, beyond manifestation, into the tangible effort of sustained change. How badly do you want it? The path exists, the question is, " do you have the grit and the courage it takes to show up every single day and to walk it."

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