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Due North

The compass has come to represent something more than a tool for geographical navigation. The compass is my symbol for truth and the reminder to keep focused on the path that guides you North. The compass symbol keeps popping in my visual field. Each time I see it, I remeber the work we are here on earth to accomplish. The compass says, "We each have a unique path to travel. Our own path to fulfillment, health, connection, success, and service. No two paths are the same, and comparison is an utter waste of your precious time and energy." While moving steadily along your path, it is incredibly easy to be distracted by the noise and other peoples attempts to distract you from your journey. Much like the hero's journey, a tale that is as old as time there are challenges, battles, and malevolent forces to contend with along the way. Some of these challenges are external, and others are your fears and insecurities showing themselves. Our job is to keep resolutely focused on the road ahead and the direction we are traveling. Step by step, action by action, moment by moment keep heading due North. The distractions along the road are nothing more than noise. The noise that you must choose to ignore. Allow the noise to be just that; noise and do not feed it with your time, energy, or focus.

Remember, you and you alone control the direction of your gaze and the place of your focus. If something or someone is negative, they can only impact you if you allow them to. Keep your eyes pointed the direction you want to go, allow everything that does not support your truth and your journey to fall by the wayside. This is your journey and what an exceptional one it can be!


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