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My Journey & Approach 

I began meditating 19 years ago after the death of my younger brother. I was looking for peace and a way to ease the constant pain of this loss. I tried all of the usual suspects to numb myself from food to alcohol to relationships even intense exercise and training. I tried everything to feel better; nothing lasted or worked for very long. It was at this point I returned to what has called me my entire life. The study of mind, body, and soul connection through the practices of yoga, meditation, and daily mindfulness. I dove into the study and research of healing and continue exploring to this day.  I am now working with the Neuroscience of change and quantifying the health benefits of meditation and mindfulness. What mystics have known for ages Western science and research now supports. Throughout my life, my resolve and dedication have been tested with numerous traumatic and life-altering events. My approach isn't a theory, it is the application of the tools I have researched and studied that saved my own life. My focus, passion, and path are steadfast. I have dedicated my life to helping other women navigate life's challenges, losses and feelings of disconnection from self. I am a Reiki Master of Masters, Meditation Teacher, and Mindfulness Coach.  I have cultivated a healing modality unique to me that allows each woman I work with to confidently step into her potential and live with radiant health in mind, body, and soul. 

I look forward to connecting with you and being your guide in the transformation of a lifetime. 

With Love,




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