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Energy Report

Every so often you are contacted by an energy provider asking if you would like an energy assessment for your home or business. This service is offered free of charge in hopes that once you see where you are leaking energy, you will utilize the products suggested. When was the last time you conducted an energy assessment of your life? I have found that if I haven’t been diligent about this kind of life care the universe will do it for me, especially if I have recognized and not acted upon the directives within my heart to do some energetic clearing. I will be prompted and pushed in a major way to examine the relationships, ventures, and spaces within my life. It’s an uncomfortable process if you haven’t initiated the cleaning yourself even though you have known for quite some time it needed to be done. Rather than wait for the push, take the time to evaluate all of the places you share your precious time and energy. Are there places or people you are pouring energy into that are only sucking you dry? Energetically healthy relationships have a give and take, there is a balance within the dynamic that does not deplete either party but reinvigorates, supports, encourages and adds value and energy. Are there relationships or places within your sphere that have become parasitic over time? Draining, and taking more and more but rarely adding? If so it’s time to free yourself of these drains and create space for what is truly in alignment. Are there extraneous places your energy is leaking that need to be retrofit? I’ve found that once you determine a leak and ignore it, the problem only grows exponentially. After the initial discomfort change can bring what unfolds is nothing short of magical. When you have cleared the space of the decaying, toxic, and stagnant drains the most incredible things begin to happen. Almost without effort all that you have been magnetizing and nurturing floods in. Relationships, opportunities, and synchronicities that are infused with love, magic and soul truth you can’t stop smiling. Our time and our energy are so incredibly precious. Make sure that those lucky enough to receive yours are genuinely worthy of such grace.

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