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Self Care and Boundary Setting

Self-care has become almost trendy in recent years and also a bit diluted. Although enjoyable, self-care is not getting a pedicure or a massage, nor is it a facial. While things of that nature are undeniably enjoyable, they are caring for the topical, the superficial and the physical aspects of our body

One of the things I hear quite often from people is how spread thin they feel in their lives; I am not sure a pedicure is going to fix that.

A few years ago I decided to respond to every single request that wasn’t basic and life-sustaining with the phrase “let me think about it” This verbal pause button created something I couldn’t believe. It created space, space between what was asked of me and my answer, space in my schedule to determine what I really wanted to invest my time and energy into and then space in my life to slow down and reprioritize. It gave me the chance to say NO when something wasn't in alignment with my soul or life's priorities. I should warn you that my "let me think about" has turned into a resounding NO much of the time. In retrospect, I agreed to do so many things for so many people out of guilt or obligation, or some crazy combination of the two. Now when I give of my time it is because it's a YES in my entire body. I give without any energetic expectation or attachment to outcome. It is giving from an overflowing cup rather than the prior model of deprivation or lack. Give because you have so much love, joy, and enthusiasm not because you "should" be doing something.

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